Private ServSafe Exam

Our ServSafe managers certification exams and the managers food protection webinars are for those being certified for the first time and those who need to renew their expired ServSafe certification.

If you are in the Boston Area you can take the online or written exam in our testing center.  Right now we are allowing only one student at a time with a carefully designed no-contact environment.  Exams  are by appointment only and you are allowed 2 hours to complete the exam.  You can choose a Start time of 9am, 11 am, 1pm or 3 pm

A simple warning, the exam is much more difficult than it was 5 years ago.  There are 90 questions on the exam.  The questions on the sample quiz are NOT the same questions as on the real exam.  Our advice is to study as much as possible to be sure you will pass.  A retest is $75 so it is wise to pass the first time! The pass rate with  6 hours of study time is around 70%,  6 hours of study time plus  a webinar  is about 85% , and if you don’t study the pass rate drops to 45%. Most people benefit from some study, and if that sounds like you, you can order the Food Safety for Managers text book or the Food Safety for Managers online course option,  as well as attending a live webinar.

If you  you are not in the Boston Area you can find a ServSafe test center near you here.