Choke Save Classes

Our ‘Choke Save’ class is compliant with the MA FDA Food Code and is for restaurants with 25+ seats. Even though our certificate is for restaurants this is a great skill class for anyone who has or works with young children and infants. Class is taught by a certified Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid instructor. <p/>

Class is about  2 hours and at the end you will have the skills to aid an adult, child, or infant in a choking emergency. We also touch on general emergency preparedness and any legal considerations that come with providing aid.

This is a hands on class and you will be physically interacting with the other participants to learn the skills

The cost of this class is $45  per person for our open classes and a private class (we come to you) is $400 for up to 12 students. At the end of class, students who have demonstrated choke save skills successfully will be immediately be certified and receive a digital and physical certificate.