Rhode Island Special Requirements

Rhode-IslandRhode Island has recently changed its regulations starting October 15, 2017.  The new regulations make Rhode Island more in line with  Massachusetts and most other states.   Berger Food Safety is an approved trainer for Rhode Island so both our open classes, private classes and online courses will qualify. Here is an quick overview of the regulations followed by the important parts of the actual law.

If you have not been certified before you must attend an  8 hour class and pass one of the ANSI accredited exams, like ServSafe & NRSFP.

If you are re-certifying  and your last certification was less than 3 years, 6 months ago you need to pass the exam,  no further  training is needed.

If your certification was more than 3 years, 6 months ago you will need an 8 hour class and you must pass the exam (essentially starting over.)


Here is the important parts of the actual law.


A. Each food establishment where Time Temperature Control for Safety Food (TCS) is prepared shall employ at least one (1) full-time, on-site manager certified in food safety who is at least eighteen (18) years of age.

B. Each food establishment where TCS is prepared must have a person in charge on-site during food preparation and serving times. The person in charge must demonstrate knowledge by successfully completing a Center approved food safety certification course.

C. Establishments which employ ten (10) or more full-time equivalent employees directly involved in food preparation shall employ at least two (2) full time, on-site managers certified in food safety.

D. Once a manager certified in food safety terminates employment, establishments shall have sixty (60) days to employ a new manager certified in food safety, or have an individual enrolled in a Center approved food safety course. However, said time period may be extended by the Center.

E. Department of Health certificates for managers certified in food safety shall be prominently posted in the establishment next to the license to operate. The certificate shall be removed when the individual is no longer employed by the establishment.

F. No person shall use the title “Manager Certified in Food Safety”, or in any way represent themselves as a manager certified in food safety unless they shall hold a current certificate pursuant to these regulations.


A. Application for certification shall be made on forms provided by the Center. Said forms shall be completed and submitted to the Center for Food Protection. Such application shall be accompanied by the following documents:

1. A recent identification photograph of the applicant, head and shoulder, front view, approximately 2×3 inches in size;

2. An application fee of fifty ($50.00) dollars;

3. Certificate of successful completion of the Food Safety course;

4. Examination results, mailed directly from the Center approved testing company.

For your first application:

Here is the application form and a link to the pertinent Rhode Island State website