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Food Safety for Managers Textbook with ServSafe Answer Sheet

Food Safety For Managers is an easy to read, concise textbook to prepare a manager for one of the ANSI approved managers Certification Exams. Based on the latest FDA Food Code, Food Safety for Managers will guide you through the technical and practical knowledge you need to serve safe food in your business and to pass the certification exam. The ServSafe Examination Answer sheet is included with this product.

Food Safety for Managers with the ServSafe examination answer sheet allows one stop shopping for your training needs. Food Safety for Managers is designed and written as a text reference for anyone wishing to study for any one of the ANSI certified exams such as: ServSafe; NRSFP; or Prometrics. These accredited exams are accepted by every state in the US. At half the price of many of the other textbooks, Food Safety for Managers offers a great value with no compromise on quality.

Size: 8.5″ x 11″

Length : 80 pages

About the Authors: Lisa Berger is widely recognized as a leader in food safety education and training. Ms. Berger graduated from Boston University with a Masters degree in Public Health. She was an epidemiologist for the State of Massachusetts fighting infectious disease. Ms. Berger is a Certified Professional in Food Safety (CP-FS) and has been a speaker at conferences throughout the country and contributor to many television shows dealing with food safety.

Cynthia Parenteau is a Certified Professional in Food Safety (CP-FS) who has performed thousands of inspections and conducted countless seminars in her work with Berger Food Safety Consulting. Her dealings with restaurants, hotels, stadiums, arenas, and schools and her experience teaching managers food safety on a daily basis give the book the practical edge. Ms. Parenteau is also a contributor to many news and television shows dealing with food safety.

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