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We can provide the same fun ServSafe class (yes, our instructors actually make food safety fun!) as our open food safety classes at your establishment. It will be tailored to your operations and will be presented at your business to your employees. The class can be taught in English or Spanish.  Many companies find that it saves time and often saves money to train on site. Employees don’t have to travel, you know who shows up, and the private food safety class is all about improving your food safety practices. The ServSafe certificate will satisfy your state’s regulations as well! The private class is less expensive than the open class if you have more than 10 students to train. There are a lot more details in the drop down bars below. If nothing else, check out the “Why take our class?” tab!

The cost of a private class is a combination of a fixed, single fee for the instructor and  a per student fee for the textbook, study materials, exam and certificate. The class is available in 4 different formats: The most common is a single day, 8 hour class which is exactly like our open Gold Standard classes. This private food safety class includes 6 hours of lecture, activities, and video followed by the 2 hour exam session. (Some people use the entire 2 hours for the ServSafe exam while others are done in 30 minute). Some businesses opt for a 4-hour class,that includes 2 hours of review followed by the the exam period. Another option is you can also do an 8-hour class split into 2, 4-hour days. For Rhode Island we have a 15 hour class that is taught in 2, 8-hour days. If those options are not enough we can customize something for you easily.

Private class pricing:

4 hour, 1 day class: $700 plus $75 per student, materials charge
8 Hour, 1 day class: $1200 plus $75 per student, materials charge
8 Hour, 2 day class: $1275 plus $75 per student, materials charge
15 Hour, 2 day class: $2200 plus $75 per student, materials charge

For example to organize a single day 8-hour class for 12 students it will be $1200 plus 12 x $75 for a total of $2100. This would work out to $175 per student, a little less than sending them to the open class. Each class includes a nationally approved ServSafe certification exam the end of class which accepted nationwide and is accredited by ANSI.

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Why are these classes so special?

1. All our instructors are Certified Professionals in Food Safety (CP-FS). This certification is from the National Environmental Health Association and is much more intensive than simply being a ServSafe approved instructor (which we are as well). Collectively we have 40 years experience in teaching this class.

2. Our instructors are the authors of “Food Safety for Managers”, a textbook on food safety that is used by instructors and trainers throughout the US, and are engaging speakers keeping a dull subject interesting. Our instructors are frequent guests on national television programs.

3. Our instructors have trained more managers in food safety than anyone in New England.

4. The 8-hour (Gold Standard) class includes 6 full hours of lecture (many other companies advertise a full class that only includes 2-4 hours of lecture), the full textbook (others give a photo-copied “study guide”), and the exam.  For those that don’t need a full 6 hours of lecture (they’ve taken the exam before or can learn by self-study) we offer a quick fast track class that is conducted in 4 hours – two hours of lecture followed by the exam. At Berger Food Safety Consulting, students can choose what works best for them.

5. All instructors work as food safety inspectors – this experience in the field translates to a better instructor in class.

6. People love us!

Recent Reviews

I can’t thank you guys enough for the ServSafe class yesterday. Cindy was both entertaining and informative at the same time. I was dreading the day but somehow she made it fly by with interesting (and funny) stories about recent inspections, she had all of us engaged. I will be sending all our employees through this training! Hang on to Cindy!

Dan – Boston 2011

Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to say thanks for your leadership of the most recent sanitation class at the MRA building in December. Your class was *quite* informative, interesting, gross (but I mean that in a good, educational way, lol) and fun. I really responded to the way you taught your class and my test results showed it. Good luck with your future classes and endeavors. Thanks again! You were a great teacher:)

Sincerely, Miranda

Video Excerpt of one of our ServSafe Classes

The Exam and Textbook we use in Class

At the end of each open class we offer the Servsafe certification exam which is accepted nationwide by every jurisdiction, everywhere in the country. The exams are multiple choice questions with 90 questions on each exam. You must score a 75% to become certified.

You can get the exam in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, French Canadian, and large print English. When using a foreign language exam, the questions will appear on the exam in both the foreign language and in English. It is a closed book/notes test. Translators are NOT allowed unless approved in advance by ServSafe. Some people finish in as little as 30 minutes while others may take the full 2 hours to finish. The ANSI Approved/ServSafe exam is sent to the ServSafe headquarters for scoring. We do not have control or influence in this scoring (for security purposes) and it takes about 2 weeks to get the results back from ServSafe.

The current edition of the textbook comes in English, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese. If you have an older book or a book from a different author you may be able to use it as long as you make careful note of the several major changes in the food code. The textbooks are mailed out in advance to allow students sufficient time to read and study before the class and exam.