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Food Safety for Managers is the only online food safety class that you can use on all your devices: desktops, laptops, iPhones, iPads, smartphones or just about any mobile device, Mac, Windows.. it’s all good here! Utilizing HTML5 and other non flash alternatives you can learn on the go with the new Food Safety for Managers online food safety course! By the time you figure out if the other course is compatible with your system you could be done with Chapter 1!

Food Safety for Managers is a perfect way to study for any of the nationally accepted exams like ServSafe, NRSFP, or Prometrics. The class is rated as 8 hours of study time but if you took advantage of all the video and study materials it could take well over 16 hours to complete. The level of depth is controlled by you. Please be aware these online food safety courses are the training only and that you must pass an exam approved by your jurisdiction to become certified. The cost of the exam is not included with the online course fee and even though there are online exams, they must be taken in the presence of a registered proctor to prevent cheating. We can help you find the closest testing center (there are thousands nationwide).

The Food Safety for Managers online food safety course is sold as an unlimited study option for a single user for $79.  Unlike other online food safety classes we allow you to demo a portion of the class free – we have nothing to hide.

“The on-line food safety course enabled me to take in the information as I needed. I could take notes and go over any questions I had by simply going back to a section to review without having to raise my hand or feel embarrassed if there was something I didn’t quite catch in a regular teacher-led class. I also played the videos when I needed to hear the information explained in a different way than just what was written, but if I didn’t need to, I could just keep going at my own pace!”

“I was able to listen to the audio version included with the online food safety class while I was making dinner for the kids! Having the video of the live food safety class available was the best of both worlds!”

The course offers unlimited study time for $79

$20 off the FSM course  – Use the code fsm20 at checkout!

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ServSafe & Food Safety for Managers Online Food Safety Classes

An Online Food Protection Class makes sense for many people. Taking a day or two off from work to attend a live food safety class just isn’t possible or convenient. If you have access to a good internet connection you can now take the managers food safety class online, 24/7.  We offer both the ServSafe Managers Class and the Food Safety for Managers class. Both have different styles and methods to help you learn the subject matter.  Both classes do not include the cost of the ServSafe Certification online exam.

ServSafe Online Food Safety Classes

ServSafe Online Managers Certification Course

The ServSafe Manager Course is offered in English and Spanish and takes about 16 hours to Complete.  You will be guided through the learning with both audio, text, activities and practice exams.  These practice exams are not the same questions as the real exam but do cover the same material.  The ServSafe Manager Course is accepted throughout the US including Rhode Island.

90 days of access for 1 student is $125

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