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BFSC offers every possible method of food safety training to fit your needs. The most popular choice is our Live Food Safety Seminars in both private on-site and open enrollment formats. The classes are the best in the business thanks to our CP-FS credentialed instructors who actually wrote the book on food safety! Each class includes a nationally approved ServSafe exam and certificate. The classes are scheduled often on an open basis (see schedule to the right) or you can arrange a private class for your business.


An Online Food Protection Class makes sense for many people. Taking a day or two off from work to attend a live food safety class just isn’t possible or convenient. If you have access to a good internet connection you can now take the managers food protection training online, 24/7. Please be aware these courses are the training only and that you must pass an exam approved by your jurisdiction to become certified. Some jurisdictions may have specific training requirements in addition to passing the exam (i.e. RI, IL)


We work with single stores to chains, universities to day care centers, mobile vendor trucks to NFL Stadiums, a small catered event to the Democratic National Convention, we have done it all. If your business is serving food to the public (retail) then we are ready to help you with all your food safety training including: ServSafe, audits, illness complaints, HACCP plans, plan review, Health Department mediation, custom seminars, emergency certifications, food safety textbooks, and ServSafe alcohol certification.


Berger Food Safety Consulting has published its own textbook, Food Safety for Managers. It is an easy to read, concise textbook designed to prepare a manager for one of the ANSI approved managers Certification Exams: the ServSafe exam, the NRSFP exam, the Learn2Serve exam, or the Prometrics exam. Based on the current FDA Food Code, Food Safety for Managers will guide you through the technical and practical knowledge you need to serve safe food in your business and to pass the certification exam.

ServeSafe Exams and Classes - ($20 off use code bfsc20)

Open Managers Certification Class & ServSafe Exam

Our ServSafe managers certification exams and the managers food protection classes are for those being certified for the first time and those who need to renew their expired ServSafe certification. Check out the qualifications of our instructors, a video sample of class and some reviews.  Our classes have long been regarded as the best in the business. We use the Food Safety for Managers textbook (a real textbook, not a “study guide”). Learn the differences between the Gold Standard classes and Fast Track Silver classes and what sets our classes in a class of their own. Look just over to the right in the sidebar or scroll down to the full product description. You can also register for a ServSafe exam only following this link.

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