Rhode Island Special Requirements

Rhode-IslandRhode Island has strict rules regarding certification requirements. To become certified food Safety Manager in Rhode Island you must take 15 hours of training; pass one of the nationally accredited exams like ServSafe, Prometrics or NRSFP; and submit your application, $50 fee and required documentation to the State for approval. Your Rhode Island food safety manager certification must be renewed every three years by EITHER attending a 6 hour course or passing one of the nationally accredited exams.

Food establishments must employ at least one full-time, on-site, food safety manager if potentially hazardous foods are prepared.

Establishments with ten or more full-time employees directly involved in food preparation must employ at least two full-time, on-site, food safety managers.

Establishments that primarily serve the elderly or individuals with diminished immune systems shall have a manager certified in food safety present during preparation of all hot, potentially-hazardous foods.

If a manager certified in food safety terminates employment, establishments shall have sixty (60) days to employ a new certified food safety manager or have an existing employee enroll in a food safety manager certification program (this time period may be extended by the Office of Food Protection)

Certificates for food safety managers must be prominently posted in the establishment next to the license to operate (and removed if an individual is no longer employed there).

Only certified people may use the title “Manager Certified in Food Safety,” or in any way represent themselves as such.

Renewal notices will be sent in advance by the Rhode Island Department of Health with instructions as to how to renew your certification on-line. If a food safety manager certification is expired for more than six months, the individual must retake the 15-hour course and pass the exam before the certification can be renewed.

What can we do to help?

For your first application:

We are an approved Rhode Island trainer and we can set up a 15-hour private class for your employees or perhaps a group of restaurants in your area. Price: $2200 for the class and instructor plus $75 per person for the exam, textbook and study materials.

We offer the Manager Certification Training Course which will fulfill the 15 hours training requirement for Rhode Island. Please call us at 877-246-4040 to get immediate access to the course.

We currently do not have any public classes that qualify for the Rhode Island 15-hour training requirement.

For your Renewal of your Rhode Island license:
You can attend any of our open Gold Standard classes to qualify for your renewal, without taking the exam or you can choose to take (and pass) another exam and you can waive the training.
Price: $75-$189.

Here is the application form and a link to the pertinent Rhode Island State website