Classes – what training is right for me?

Food Safety Classes/ServSafe Exams

We have many combinations of food safety classes, study techniques and exam options that will cover your needs whether you are a manager taking this for the first time or re-certifying for the second, third or even fourth time.

Your choices for studying  and taking the certification exam are:

  • Take the live servsafe class Gold Standard 8 hour class with the ServSafe exam (great idea) - total price: $189
  • Take the online food safety class with the online ServSafe exam (great idea) -  total price: $179
  • Take the live servsafe class Fast Track Silver 4 hour class and ServSafe exam (good idea IF you study thoroughly before class) - total price: $139
  • Read the book only and take the open exam (not a bad idea for some) - total price: $104
  • Wing it!  (bad idea – the test is getting harder every year) the exam is $75-$100

Your choices for taking the certification exam only are:

  • Take a written exam at the end of the open class – $75
  • Take a private online or written exam in the Boston office – $100
  • Take the exam (written or online at your office)  - $300 for the first student and $100 for each additional student

Most states (like Massachusetts) simply require that you pass the exam. There is no requirement to take any of the food safety classes we offer, don’t get me wrong, our food safety classes are still the most effective way to do this. You just need to get enough knowledge to pass the ServSafe exam. It doesn’t matter if you are recertifying or taking it for the first time, it is the same exam, the same food safety class. A few states like Rhode Island (get more details about Rhode Island requirements here.) will actually require a specific number of training hours. Please check with your local health department or contact us if you are unsure of your state and local requirements.

Open Food Safety Classes

Let’s start with the standard option – our pretty darn famous open Managers Certification Food Safety Class and ServSafe Certification Exam. These manager food protection (food safety) classes are available in both private and open enrollment formats. servsafe class Gold Standard classes are 8 hour seminars with 6 hours of lecture, activities, videos and review followed by 2 hours of time allotted for the ServSafe Exam. The servsafe class Fast Track Silver classes are accelerated classes for those who are renewing a past certification or someone who studies hard before coming to class. The class is 2 hours of review, with 2 hours reserved for the ServSafe Certification Exam.
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Private Classes

This food safety class option is the same as our pretty darn famous open classes  above, except that we bring the class to your business. Employees don’t have to make their way into Boston, it can be tailored towards your business and it saves some money if you have more than 8 people. These are 8 hour seminars with 6 hours of lecture and review followed by 2 hours for the ServSafe certification exam. It can be taught in English, Spanish and Portuguese.  Learn More Register Now!

Online Courses

Our Food Safety for Managers Online Course is another way to get the training needed to pass the exam. Study at your own pace from any smart phone, iPad, laptop or desktop device. The online food safety class includes the written word, the spoken word and video with practice exams for each chapter. You can purchase access to the course in 30 day increments.  30 days of study access is $79, 60 days  is $89 and 90 day access is $99. We have a dedicated website for this course or use these links: Learn More Register Now!

We also offer ServSafe’s Online course for $125 per student. ServSafe’s Online course includes 90 days of access.  The ServSafe course is also approved for the 15 hour training requirement for Rhode Island certification.  Both the ServSafe online Course and our Food Safety for Managers Online Course  are both approved for  the rest of New England and most of the country. Please call us at 877-246-4040 to register for the ServSafe Online Class.

The Exam

You have two choices:  you can take the written ServSafe exam that is included in the open classes or take a private ServSafe exam.  The private exam can be administered at our Boston office or your office for an additional fee. The written exam results take about two weeks to be processed and sent back to us, while the online exam results are available immediately.  Learn MoreRegister for an Open Exam Register for a Private Exam

Food Safety for Managers -The Book

Food Safety For Managers is an easy to read, concise textbook designed to prepare a manager for one of the ANSI approved managers Certification Exams. Based on the 2009 FDA Food Code, Food Safety for Managers will guide you through the technical and practical knowledge you need to serve safe food in your business and to pass the certification exam.

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